Friday, September 18, 2009

through the glasses of old age..

my over active imagination often catches hold of me..just yesterday..when i was sitting back..i began wondering how it would feel to be old..what would be the thoughts of a man who has seen so much of life..what would be the thoughts that cross their minds when they look back and i came up with this...


how long i have lived i cannot say,
i cannot count how many times i have seen the day,
to be short its been very very long,
though my mind is weak yet my memory is strong.
when i look back as far as i can see in time,
i can say life's been good,if not sublime.
i remember the hamlet of my childhood days,
the mango trees,the epic plays,
the grassy fields and the dirty fens,
and the little lads i called my friends.
i remember the mud walls of our house,
and the feline traind to catch the mouse.

i have seen my father work on the field,
and slept meal less when the crop didn't yield,
i have passed the school after sleepless nights,
and stared astonished at the town's sights.

i have worked overtime and accepted low pay,
i have woken all night and slept all day,
i have raised our status and made them proud,
i have screamed and cried and laughed out loud.
i have sinned all sins known to man,
i have planned and i have failed to plan.

i have listened to the fairer when she did prod,
for i am but the man and not the God,
i have loved,betrayed and been betrayed,
i have seen love grow and seen it fade,
i married the girl who stood by my side,
she was my weakness and my source of pride,
i have seen my love when it was immensely strong,
and other times when we didn't know whether we should go on.

i have seen two new lives in front of my eyes,
i have laughed their laughs and cried their cries,
i have taught them to walk and taught them to speak,
i have slept by their side when they were weak.
i have seen them learn and seen them grow,
i have seen them come and seen them go.

i have seen my lady go through unbearable pain,
and have seen all the medication go in vain,
and after her life has been all lost,
and life costs more than death would cost.
but i have learned to come to terms with loss,
and learned to smile when life is gross.

and looking back on life i feel no regret,
on things i have lost and the things i didn't get.
i have reaped every seed that i had sown,
and from my failures i have grown.
and now when i have come of age,
as he said the world has been a stage,
a journey full of astonish and surmise,
of expectation,grief,hope and surprise.
of every gain you pay a price,
and nostalgically i do realize,
that i have been the friend,the foe,the sinner and the sage,
when i look back through the glasses of my old age..

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