Tuesday, September 1, 2009

life goes on..and time moves by..

well i originally wrote this poem about 2 years back..when things were not going too good..i don't exactly remember what the issues were..but they were relevant enough for me to have felt the need to motivate myself..im not the sort of person who will talk to herself for motivation..i like to keep things calm and silent..thats probably why i went into the habit of writing at a very early age..this is just one of the many poems i wrote in the course of my life till date...


life goes on and time moves by,
and trobles arent here to stay,
for after every darkest night,
always comes the brightest day.

nothing can be so big and bad,
such that man cannot face,
and those who give up the hope,
have already lost the race.

in bad times only half will trust you,
and against you will be the other half,
be up,be going and make your efforts,
and you are sure to have the last laugh.

giving up should never be an option,
because success and failure is not in our hands,
but we must kep faith and move ahead,
and do what our duty demands.

ups and downs are bound to come,
like the inevitable day and night,
and the darkness should be faced with the same confidence,
with which we face sunlight.

so spread your wings and fly my friend,
and you are sure to teach the sky,
never lose hope and trust yourself,
for life goes on and time moves by...


  1. Bete.. bade nalaayak ho yaar.. batate bhi nahin.. you are what, sixteen?? and according to your post you wrote this when you were about fourteen.. and possibly were writing since even before that time? Hum kya Mars ki sair karne gaye the aur ab vaapis aayein hain toh humein ye pata chala that you've been a player in this game for some time now.. tch tch.. dipassointment this is called.. neway.. great poem actually.. it is good to see that you can keep the meter and the rhyme going simultaneously :) uncanny but reminds me of a similar motivational thing that
    I wrote eons back.. the only difference being that mine's much happier :)
    this was one of my first attempts as well..

    No matter how rotten the day went by,
    That's now past tense, tomorrow you'll fly.
    Make someone happy, you do what it takes,
    Go all the way, 'cause there ain't no brakes.
    Life'll be alright, now give us a smile,
    Take a deep breath and relax for a while.
    Seriousness is good, but listen my man,
    Life's too short, laugh all you can!!

    keep it up :)

  2. urs is better jaana..hehe!arrey..poems is just a passtime yaar..jab tym milta tha tab likhte the..aajkal to saans lene ko fursat nai milti..but i still try...latest wrote a poem on my class..its hinglish tho..