Monday, September 28, 2009


i have often wondered..what is it about relationships which makes them so complex?is it love,hope hate or what..every time the conclusion i get to is that more often than not it is the expectations that gets the better of people..

but why?why should we expect anyone to be as we want them to?it becomes very difficult for anybody to fit into the mold of our expectations..taking an example..if you are standing on top of a ten floor building then even a nine floor building would appear small to you..not because the building isnt tall but because of your perspective of things..

most of the times it is our expectations that create the problem in our lives..we in our expectations seem to overlook the qualities of the people we is but human to expect but it isnt necessary that all our expectations are fulfilled..

what we must try and understand is that when there is someone in our lives we love very dearly..could be anyone..our parents,siblings,friends or spouses then it is not only their qualities that we love..we were not given the option of loving selectively by god..when we love somebody we should own their faults as readily as we own their qualities..their faults are as much a part of their personality as their good traits..nobody was born perfect..learning is an essential phase of life..we learn as we grow..and it is our moral duty as humans to help each other to become better..and if we try and think about it then we shall realize that it is adversity and imperfection that bring people closer..trying to understand and amend each others faults is one of the essentials of a relationship..summing up with these lines

all night i was lost in deep thought,
over the things i love in you and those i love not,
and after thinking all this while,
i told myself that i love your smile,
i love the stammer in your voice,
and your indecision when you have to make a choice,
i love the way you hold my hand,
when the tension is too much for you to stand,
and somewhere in my heart below,
why i love you i had started to know,
you qualities, yes i do adore,
but it is your faults that make me love you more...

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