Wednesday, November 25, 2009

it can happen to me.....

this world has a population of around 6 billion...where ever you see there are people..some that we know and some that we dont..and others are people who we know just by their smiles..

everyday..where ever we go we see people..and all that we recognize of them is the smile that reflects on their faces..sometimes out of acquaintance and sometimes just out of reflex..i go to school everyday..and every morning i meet people whom i dont know by name or as a friend..but yet just the sense of belonging to he same place gives you a peculiar feeling that they are an integral part of your life..

never do we stop and talk..but yet the day seems incomplete without that smile..nobody knows what their day is going to be like..and in such conditions just a smiling face,even of someone we dont know can send a vibe of positivity into your soul...

this week has shown me the significance of such people in life..

2 days ago..a friend of mine..someone i shared my lunch with everyday..someone i shared my projects with..she had to be hospitalized..i felt a shiver down my spine when i came to know about this reflected the uncertainty of day u r with the person and the other day u r helpless..praying for her recovery as soon as possible..

just when u think that u are in control of ur slips away like sand from ur hand..

and today..
the day seemed to be normal..
till the time the news of an accident came by..she was the prefect of the school..everyday i smiled at her during the assembly and she smiled back..
just 3 days ago..i had clicked her snap with one of our common friends and 3 days later i hear that she has had an accident..
i dont know her..but yet something distracted my thoughts floated to her..
the moments we had shared together out of the mere coincidence of being in the same place at the same time..

i was desperate to know how she was..and i felt relieved only when i was sure that she is out of danger..

that is what life is all about..

and the biggest misconception about any mishap is that it cant happen to me or to anybody i know..well it transpires that anything can people i know..and to me as well..