Tuesday, September 8, 2009


they say-"success is 99%perspiration and 1% inspiration."true..very true..with all the efforts you put in it is also highly relevant from where you draw that 1% inspiration..

how many times have you asked someone-"who is your inspiration?" and received answers like mahatma gandhi,mother teresa and other known names?innumerable times,i am sure..
with due respect to all the people mentioned above, if you ask me that question you wouldn't receive an answer like that..i believe in more of reality.i am inspired by someone more close to me,more near and more dear..

he is 87 years old..he lives with me in my house..his skin reflects his age..and his wrinkles are more to me than just a sign of his age..they are a mark of the innumerable troubles he faced in his life..i respect him more than i have ever respected any1..he is my guide..i call him babaji..

since the time i have the faintest of memories..when life was not so complex..i have memories of my grandfather..he looks exactly the same as he did ten years ago..i have always been close to him..but with the years passing by..the fondness has turned into a deep rooted respect..

i remember how i ate from his plate when i was small..since i know he has been very quiet..but whenever he speaks it is always about something that teaches us a lesson.most of the things i know today..about life..about people are a result of prolonged conversations with him.i have never hesitated to talk to him..he somehow falls into my sphere of comfort completely.i wouldn't hesitate to say that i talk to him more than i talk to mom and dad..because he has seen so much in life..and i am just an amateur..the age difference never comes between us..

it amazes me how he does all his work himself.and he doesn't like to depend on anybody for his work..he is more active than any of the people of his age..

just how attached i am to him makes me very happy to be with him..in not such an old incident..i was upset about an argument i had with mom and couldn't hold back during breakfast..he never said anything at that time..but 4-5 hours later when i was leaving from my coaching, i saw tears rolling from his eyes..at first i didnt understand..but then he said-"tumhe kya laga?tum rogi aur ham dekh lenge?"..i couldnt help feel helpless and happy at that moment..just the thought that he was so concerned overwhelmed me..and like many times before i thanked god for giving me such a beautiful family of which he was the root..i thanked my stars that i had him..and while i was thanking god i didn't realize when i choked and when the water filled my eyes..i just patted his hand and left..i didnt have to say anything..silence communicated our feelings the best..

today as i write this i feel very fortunate to have such a lovely family..everybody holds a special place in my heart..and im lucky to have everyone..of the 1% inspiration..while 60% is occupied by the rest of the family..40% is grandpa..though i have tried my best but the admiration i have for him cannot be written down in one page..it is inexplicable..

i am fortunate to have u babaji..thank u for being my friend..my philosopher..my guide..

thank u for being my inspiration..