Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Best Things In Life...

in my thoughts i did just contemplate,

why do the best things in life have to wait?

why when we are playing life at its best,

comes a greater than our thougts,undefiable test?

and how when this tame heart is about to concede,

comes in us all the strength that we need?

when time strikes its worst and seconds are tough,

why is just a helping hand enough?

why sometimes we do not shed tears after a while?

why sometimes even pain makes us smile?

is not the strength that u needed all through,

hiding somewhere just within u?

why cant we accept the burden of our mistake?

and when things go wrong why do we blame fate?

is life not a result of the decisions u make?

and to gain something u have to put urself at stake,

why do we always expect things to be right?

and how do circumstances become too big to fight?

life is all about creating the best with the worst,

life is all about striving endlessly to quench ur thirst,

and all the best things in life do not have to wait,

work,labour,strive, go make ur fate!!