Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shades Of Grey.

I call myself an Indian out there,
but of who's history I am highly unaware,
I am a patriot when it comes to the World Cup,
but otherwise I just seem to have given up.
Building a future on a present unstable,
and building it, by the way, from money below
the table.
But just what have I done to make my nation
I wish patriotism was just about shouting out
about marching with flags and flogging the
about walking slut walks and holding banner-ed
I am the one who thinks I' ll wipe my bribes of
the past,
by sitting in protests and keeping a fast.
Of what I am standing against, am I myself
I might promise to be clean but am I myself
Have I got my license in the way that is right?
Have I compromised to corruption or put up a
I am calling myself far sighted, but am I not
being blind,
trying to attack something publically while its
alive in my mind?
Am I not being fake, being a hypocrite?
Being guilty of it myself and calling the politician
a brat?
Don' t think of me as hopeless, there might come
a day,
hen I' ll accept I am not black or white but a
shade of grey.

P.S.- This is not against anna hazare or any specific

person. All due respect to the man for taking a stand

against corruption. This is just against the total peripheral

system surrounding this cause of which we cannot be

sure. We don' t know how many of them are non-corrupt

themselves. I' m am staunchly againt corruption but im

against hypocrisy as well.

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