Monday, June 28, 2010


the moon seemed different in the night sky today,
its seemed that to me it had many things to say,
when i should have been asleep, i lay wide awake,
my throat tightening as if i would break,
i thought of the time i had spent in this place,
and memories started occurring at a slow pace,
i had cursed things and yet loved them in some way,
experienced joys and seen dismays,
i had loved my moms eyes when shed scold,
i had sipped up boiling coffees in days of cold,
i had made friends on the way and learned to forgive,
i had found so many new reasons to live,
i had learned what it is to love and what it is to lose,
i had met people simple and met people abstruse,
looking back on what i had i felt strangely joyed,
and found myself smiling at the things that had once annoyed,
and yet i knew from this place i would soon go apart,
and this painful feeling broke my little heart,
and before i knew a tear rolled down my cheek,
and amidst all the nostalgia i started feeling weak,
those friends and mates and places would soon become the past,
and it seems almost unfair that time has gone so fast,
and all those familiar faces will soon be gone,
and all that will be left are memories alone,
how will i then console,how will i then deny,
that all those familiar faces have already said goodbye....

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