Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today as i begin to write this,i am not sure how to start.i am falling short of words and overflowing with not put this phase of life into words would somehow seem wrong,almost sinful and so i make an attempt to put whatevr i feel into black n white.

These days,i try my best to take the road which passes from the front of the cream coloured structure ,and when i do,i close my eyes and in an instant i am there..surrounded by the hustle and bustle of my school.
the morning breeze settled on my hair forcing me to close my eyes a s i took in the pleasantness it induced.all of ur reluctantly headed towards the assembly hall and as we did we thot abt the day 2 gave us something to do while the assembly progressd.
neatly gathered in rows we looked more like a army trrop ready to head for battle and if not precisely it was vaguely what we were.young inexperienced children marching ahead towards our carrer...
the day which followed was monotonous,with the pleasant breeze being replaced either by chilly winds or withering sunshine,none of which were as pleasant as the former.
sitting in the classes some listened,some saw and some slept as the teachers went abt their lectures with impeccable perfection.
the lunch break was characterized by innumerable groups giggling around.the ones who didnt stand in groups were couples so blinded in their "love" that they dind see what was coming their way...
everyone had blended so perfectly to this routine that life now seems incomplete.

Just the small things we took for granted.getting to meet our friends everyday,our teachers,everything
the day the boards were ovr i at once knew that evrything was-the breeze,the giggles,the small mercies,evrything.....
this thought overwhelms me and whe i open my eyes i realize that i have left the school far behind,on the road and in my life as well and yet my thoughts lingered to was after all the place which taught me frienship,taught me love and gave me a vision in life..and most of al gave me people i cud look up to in the form of teachers.
it made me what i am and yet i feel i have more to learn and i long to enter those premises again.stand at the water cooler and char endlessly.i dont want to be given the tag of an ex-student,cant i just always remain a student without any prefixes?
all these questions swerve in my head as i smile to myself and get ready to statr the next part of my life already awrae that it couldnt be as beautiful as my past.
i love the life i led at school.
i love my school snd i will always take any road which,if cannot take me back to school,can atleast let me pass by it so that i can close my eyes and live it all over again.....

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  1. Awesome as i have already said :) but then i will also say tht u hv to move on so tht u can explore d beautiful things tht life has in store fr u :) so keep moving n keep collecting such wonderful memories :)